Bionéo, a new generation of 100% natural organic soft drinks embracing positive nutrition.
100% thirst-quenching and 100% bio-natural.
Bionéo offers the beneficial qualities of Nature for all the family.


BIONÉO is a ‘BIO-NATURAL’ drink, certified organic. Its originality lies in the subtle blend of herbs (including cinnamon, fennel, lime, etc.), natural essences, honey, and cane sugar, along with the finest fruits – all from organic growers and selected for their flavours and qualities.

BIONÉO offers a real alternative to traditional soft drinks, thirst-quenching and naturally sparkling, bringing the beneficial qualities of its plants to the whole family.


The story of Bionéo is first and foremost the story of a human adventure and of strong convictions.



Learn about the BIONÉO philosophy, committed to respecting the environment, innovative, and faithful to its values.


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